While lots of the country is under water, we are having heavy winds and rain, but nothing dangerous yet – and I hope it stays that way! I’m taking the ATOS protest flyers down to Speakers Corner tomorrow to share with groups and to hand to passers by, and then on Wednesday we have the protest itself, at the moment both are forecast to be dry, but cold because of the wind, which is a lot more manageable than heavy rain 😉


Meanwhile, the garden is beginning to liven up – before the high winds started I could hear some robins battling for territory – a squeaky wheel/gear sound that I enjoy because it means we will be having an early spring!

More signs are the daffodils, and the buds coming on the ribes (ornamental currant.) The blackcurrant sage has stayed green so far, and the violas and the poor confused violets have been flowering almost all the way through, which I can’t be sorry about, as they make me smile every time I go in and out. I am looking forward to getting in the garden again!