A very ugly truth is that the British Government thinks it can continue to deny FOI Freedom of Information requests on the deaths of disabled people dying within 6 weeks of being refused benefits (to which they have contributed through national Insurance, remember) or moved from the support group to the work-seeking  group. This guy wrote a great post:


Meanwhile pigs in troughs are continuing to thrive…


that’s 5 POINT 5 million, not 55 btw, but plenty bad! who are the scroungers sucking the country’s resources?

I’m too angry to write a proper post, but you can see where I’m heading…

We need to honour the dead

We need to say NO!

We need to help the people thrown into despair and hunger and homelessness…

What if everyone in the country wrote to Nick Clegg asking him to do the honourable thing and stand down and break the coalition? Is he so far sunk in selfishness that he would ignore it? EDITED TO ADD: someone else had the same idea!


It’s getting very hard to imagine how any of them look themselves in the mirror…I put that on Facebook and someone pointed out they have no reflections (ie they’re vampires) and it’s hard not to agree…

Meanwhile, my necessary YES! to cope with all this is:


i) working on a piece about water waste, mmm, blues and browns and now pearl blue-grey Opium yarn with Katia ruffle yarn cascading off it…this is pure indulgence as the next in line should have been Wool Against Weapons, but with all the bad news, I can’t be knitting pink, I need something to make me smile!

ii) teaching my friend in Flat 1 catering and sending protein bars and soups and stews to the new free cafe (first event is tonight, at Crocus Cafe in Nottingham, we think it’s fortnightly 😉 I’ve managed to lose the original info, eek!)


iii) helping People’s Assembly against Austerity with a post Budget speech protest rally. I hate making assumptions, but it seems pretty likely that the cuts to necessary services will continue and the rich will be let off more tax…if not we can turn it into a celebration 😉


I’m upcycling leftover placards and the body politic silhouettes from the ATOS protest and also felt tips and crayons…need to buy some more bubbles though 😉

Ok people, I’m back in relentless optimist mode now, bubbles and sequins and knowing people will be eating tonight and tomorrow thanks to the protein bars they can take away, and the two big boxes that went to the cafe only made a little dent in the Approved Foods mountain, plenty more where they came from! So, yes, we can bring the heart back to our communities, yes, this tide will turn…there ARE simple things we can do that will make all the difference 🙂