I’ve had the loveliest holiday at Sand Bay, just outside Weston-super-Mare, well worth the radical rest and spoon saving. Being by the sea in brilliant sunshine just lifts my spirits and gives my batteries a deep charge!

One of the highlights was being in Bath and going to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the American Museum. There was an enormous installation outside the space, a huge tree with lanterns made from plant pots covered in KF fabric, and people had brought their own yarntags and decorated smaller trees and the trunk of the main tree :











It was a delightful addition to the collection celebrating KF’s 50+ years of


colourful art/crafting, which had samples to touch and whole rooms of rugs, furniture tapestries and quilts, cushions, pictures…





















Being allowed to take photos (without flash) was a real treat as there were no postcards available, only a few greetings cards and a lot of books that don’t include things like his hats:



The quotes from KF were inspiring too!




One of the surprises of the holiday was being seated at the front of the coach – they have fixed places – presumably because of the rollator being booked with me. It meant we had a great view, over the beautiful spring countryside, absolutely lush and verdant, exploding with new growth and greenness…and then the sun sparkling on the Severn estuary and Weston beaches…breath taking! I love travelling for the chance to look and absorb the organic lines of land and seascapes. I seem to store them to come out in abstract work later and today I am stitching on prepared paper, all turquoises and browns and sea greens and letting out my love of driftwood and water…happiness!