I have been trapped in a super low energy, super painful fibromyalgia flare, hanging on to my moods by my fingertips some days, and with white knuckles on others…Luckily, as the trigger episode fades, my energy is gradually trickling back, and I am beginning to be able to make again, and the piece I was calling Muse/d is now nearly finished. I’ve changed the name to Organic Process, because really, process is my muse…

Layering and clawing back for a raking light; layering and moulding shape and shadow by weighting with embellishments… I make painting and fibre art the same way, with attention to tiny details almost lost in a sea of colours and textures, with similar issues for resolution, finding the moment when the whole is in balance as the sum of its parts… I’m not there yet with this piece, but nearly, nearly…One problem is that the piece is nearly 2 metres tall so simply taking it all in at one glance is almost impossible – which is part of my message to the world! Everything deserves a second glance, a few moments of attention, an exploration before judgments are made…


These photos were taken by Keith Turner, and edited by me






























These are all mine, and need to be taken again using a tripod really, but they give some idea 😉