Singing Bird Artwork is my fundraising shop on Etsy:

– if you have time to go look, and like anything, it all helps, as with over 4 million other listings for handmade jewellery, it might take a while to get noticed 😉  Even handmade mixed media journals has nearly 4,000 listings! Getting clicks will get the shop onto the noticed thread, so more people will see it…

I’m hoping to sell some leftovers from artwork to fund an exhibition next year. I got really inspired by seeing this clip of an amazing freeform crochet artist, Mandy Greer, in Canada:

She rocks! I really liked how she incorporated items from the museum’s storage into the installations 🙂

I have been working on some little fun pieces while I figure out how to finish Organic Process, and even designing some artwear – that’s been a while! So here is some eye candy – enjoy!