DSC_0012-002I have been going through more old photos to see what I can use for the blue/brown book. There’s one image of a fence panel I have used so many times 🙂 It’s the one l use for my avatar, it looks like the sea far out on a wave rippled sandy beach…mmm, those lovely summer days when the light is silvery gilt across the wet sands…

somewhere else

I’m getting so many, I’m not sure whether to make a set of ‘inspiration cards’ as well as the books, a lot depends on how my battered old printer copes. Unpacking continues, and I now have

DSC_0014-002the money for a sofa, but that means moving the table through to the studio, which means unpacking the right things into the right places, so focus, and the right willing hands to help.

STA44357-001I have a trip to the sewing machine workshop tomorrow, a friend is taking me and poor maltreated JL300C who can cope with machine cords but runs away on paper or fabric given half a chance, so time for a timing repair. {did you clock the pun?!}

I feel a bit guilty sometimes that I am so hard on certain appliances [my iron is in fine fettle though!!] but part of owning being an artist is respecting which tools I need and then using them well, to the best of my abilities, to do what only I can… I also share access so others can keep their machines pristine, and use materials others would waste, so I hope it is all balancing in the great ledger…

STA43948-001Meanwhile I am working on a black and dark opalescent shot charcoal grey yarn piece, that will either be the petrol pollution for Wasting Waste or, more likely, the holding harness for Cradle for Stones, a piece that has been hovering between WIP [work in progress] and UFO [unfinished object] for a couple of years… one of the benefits of moving and looking at things with new eyes though, is feeling enthused again. Also my lovely local yarn shop, Knit Nottingham had the most amazing ruffle yarn on sale which fits perfectly! I was sitting knitting and having a break before the next stage of a day of chores and another customer asked what I was making… answering “Petrol” did not go well!! Luckily Eleanor was on hand to explain the poor deluded soul was an artist 😀