After working on a piece for a few months, it’s odd to be coming to the end…

I need a hand putting another hook in the door so I can attach Vital Spark to the rod I found among some Andy left behind. He would coppice hazel and carve patterns in and then colour/stain them… this one was left plain because it had an overhead lamp strung on it, so is easy to insert without throwing all the colour balance.


It’s as thick as my thumb, so you can get a sense of how thick those chunky braids are! They hang in a wedge shape framing the ‘web’ of freeform crochet, and then the electric orange feather boa hangs down the middle, with the baubles at either side…

I managed a lot of crochet on my trip to Tate Modern [it helps with the agoraphobia] to see the  awesome Agnes Martin exhibition so have just about finished the webs apart from joins. This one was very variegated both texture and colour-wise, the flames of creativity  fanning out  🙂





It’ll be really pleasing to see it assembled and vertical – I’ve been able to hold sections up, even hang them on doors, but may have a lot of fiddling to do, making different ‘strings’ hang well together [hope the chiropractor is back soon!] There’s a bitter sweetness, a pleasure at work well made, the process working, and then a sadness at losing the comfort zone the piece becomes…


Fibre art pieces, the larger installations, anyway, seem to become friends with whom I hang out and have a great time enjoying ideas sparking all over the place, colours and textures igniting lots of positive pathways, that even if they touch on trauma, keep me productive. I’ve been dealing with some deep grief that I couldn’t save Andy’s life – I gave him CPR, and the ambulance team got there fast and worked really hard but he had the kind of heart attack that just doesn’t respond.


So some of The Vital Spark is about what makes life worthwhile, colour and connection and the neurons firing, the difference an hour can make, breathing life into an idea and then the last breath you take being a sudden wall falling that silences all the ideas that would have come. I don’t expect people to see that in it, but the making experience has included me being present to some of that…and being able to see the end of this piece means what for the conversation, the being present?

I have bought more yarn, with at least 2 pieces springing to mind from the palettes they create, and both relate to this – one is about trauma and bereavement, a mixture of blacks and purples with a gorgeous Noro Mossa as its key. The other is about the perfection of early summer, a very English summer, when the foxgloves are out and there is a very light feel and cast to everything, before the heat makes things wilt… this was Andy’s favourite season and means me working in a very light palette, pinks and creamy yellows… It’s a challenge, but I seem to be really drawn to it, so I’m trusting the process. I’ve knitted a few rows [knitting still hurts my hands] and will work a few of the easier elements as I finish The Vital Spark… because, the thing about ends is, they’re also beginnings… which is a cliche because it’s true. 😉DSC_0047