After all the work on Vital Spark – which still needs finishing, eek!- I have had two major diversions. The unlikely colour palette work lead to making some shawls [l partly blame for their amazing bargains this summer] but also wanting to make some things to sell at the World Music event in Nottingham. The event was GREAT! well done Rastarella Falade and the team at NoMad 🙂 I had a great time dancing in my seat, but being the first weekend back after the school holidays, money wasn’t flowing… whereas my creativity had been!


Nothing is ever wasted, a dear friend bought the most sea-sidey of the scarf/shawls and it was a joy to see their happy dance 😉 Meanwhile I opened the new shop on Etsy, Vital Spark Art

and these will eventually be listed there [listing is so not my favourite activity!]