Working in small and steady efforts has never been my longsuit, I only really got the hang of it after a couple of years on my derelict allotment, when big blitzes failed to turn it round but exhausted me for weeks [mainly mentally/emotionally, coping as an organic/ permaculture agoraphobic with everyone stopping in to advise me to spray it with petrol and burn everything off… omg… there were car batteries and all sorts in there!]



I’ve been working away on the handsewing for the ‘spring rain’ duvet cover, the quilting for the volunteers quilt and some gifts… I’m delighted that Eleanor has been able to achieve her dream of expanding Knit Nottingham into more central premises that are over twice the size, and wanted to make her a present, so this is one of 2 big cushion covers [2’/ 65cm squares] that now adorn her shop sofa 🙂 Her colour scheme is green/teal and white, and to my chagrin, there is now a sheepy knitting fabric in those colurs, but when I searched only reds and greys seemed available, sigh.


I’ve also made her some organza totes for shoppers to use now they have to walk up and down, to tide her over till her own design comes through 😉  I feel really proud of/for her, I feel she has done something really amazing in this dismal financial climate to create such goodwill and build such success from a tiny shop a bus stop out of the centre to now be in a central arcade of homemade/ quality/ ooak shops… a link – cos after all, you might want to buy online from her rather than some faceless multiple 🙂


Anyway, other progress includes FINISHING the quilt for WorldwideTribe/ other volunteers at the refugee camps in Europe and Syria. It’s a flimsy stitched to fleece, not the full wadding sandwich, but even that has been very hard on my back, so I’ve been working weekly for about half an hour at a time, with a lie-down in the middle… It’s now ready to go with the semi-industrial machine I am donating. I used the automatic stitches on my small machine to make leaf patterns instead of binding and used wavy lines to make a ripple effect. It’s very cosy and the spring colours bring some sunshine 🙂

The duvet cover I have been working on most nights, sewing a few hexagons before turning my lights out. I started planning it in February and have been stitching hexies for weeks, but have now made the first two rows of machine patches, 15 cm squares. That gives me the ‘edges’ to sew the 6’/1.95 x 18″/45cm block to, and release the side templates of thin card. At that point I may wash it as Nonie has slept on it, washed herself with full generosity of sharing maximum black fluff, and clawed it when annoyed by my lack of attention! It also suffered when a pack of wet wipes spread dye from the brown fabric onto the alstroemerias… sigh… but finishing that big block has been really pleasing, although stitching the two machine rows in less than 20 minutes made me understand why some people could never imagine hand sewing a quilt!



What next you cry? more hexies to handsew as I machine the duvetcover patches, that night time routine is really soothing – and productive, I now know. So, an impulse buy from Ebay plus a mishap from an online store are now turning into a new cushion cover… mishap? Those teacups are a LOT bigger that I thought 😀