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Flair and flares


I woke up yesterday with energy again, how frabjous! I’d slept 5 days out of the previous 9, with appointments on the days inbetween, so life has been drab, not fab. The good bit was when lovely Cherise came round midway and filled me in on her exciting final project for B.A.Fine Art. Her work is interesting, stimulating, contemporary and pleasing… but some of her tutors are so poorly informed they think buttonhole stitch [hand sewing] is knitting… sigh… Fibre art has a long way to go to get recognition, some of them hadn’t heard of El Anatsui, who had a huge exhibition at MoMA in Brooklyn last year, won the Venice Biennale a while back and is generally doing exciting headline things at the cusp of installations and structures/sculpture… when someone is paying to be taught by tutors that they have to educate, something is wrong…

DSC_0036Anyway, less winge, more show and tell πŸ˜‰

I am plodding on with some elements for Cradle for Stones, but was wanting to make some pieces for a fundraising stall to accompany Diversity is our Strength at the multicultural St George’s Day event at Sneinton Market, Nottingham. Chatting to Cherise as she whipped up a storm helped the juices flow and I made 9 necklaces.


Then yesterday I got to play with my newly fixed machine [yay Sewing Attic, Sutton-in-Ashfield!!] and made two big bundles of machine cord in the morning. Later I still had energy so made four meditation pieces in the DSC_0010evening…

I love dalchini bark [coarse cinnamon/cassia] and the packet I bought before xmas has lots of lovely pieces that have eyes [gaps where twigs have been pruned out] which I’m putting to one side for a bigger piece. Meanwhile, the new living room arrangement [great work by David last week] and the aromatics make it feel like House Beautiful here – enjoying that greatly, as I don’t trust it to last – art reigns… πŸ˜€




handmade book finish: mudra meditations


I got a bit hung up about the cover on this one, I was upcycling a leftover block from Stacey’s wedding quilt:


and it just didn’t feel good enough for a cover…I have added some moreΒ  embellishment to Ganesh’s ears and a second row of sequins across the forehead… and it looks better, but while I was rummaging I’d found this:


and thought, well, if I reverse the cover so Ganesh is the closing image and put a yin-yang using the machine embroidery then that could be a good back cover, the front would have the pocket and I could put a string of charms down the edge…

which felt better until I woke up and thought, no, I’ll do something completely different, I’ll use two leftover pieces from the 2009 exhibition that I really liked and was a bit surprised hadn’t sold because they were very cheap…

I’m not quite sure how peacocks link to meditation, but they make a glorious cover πŸ˜‰ ps, no peacocks harmed in the making of this, they shed their feathers at moulting season, like all birds πŸ˜‰


I really like the inside front cover too:

STA44404and I was really pleased it all sewed up very fast and I don’t seem to have upset my arm, which is nicely on the mend.

I’m beginning to get the hang of the tripod, so I may make the slideshow of the maps book soon πŸ˜‰

promises, promises πŸ˜‰

going dotty or the joy of gel


Yes more! Because Cherise brought me new gel pens on Monday and I realised the mudra spread was lacking that neon orange lift πŸ˜‰

STA44282as was you hold my heart

but the compassion heart was fine with just silver and metallic pink


I think Rumi would approve of diving into dottiness…STA44290

and bringing all the neons to play on the zim zum creation of the universe/chaos dance of how life paths cross pages


because all these dots are dancing points of energy and the supervibrant colours and metallics just seem to express the aura/ energy fields some ideas and objects and people have…if that’s too challenging for skeptics, remember that quantum mechanics is saying the same thing a different way πŸ˜‰