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wow: amanda f****** palmer rocks TED

afp is so so inspiring!

Here she explains how asking without shame means the audience get to participate again instead of being treated like sheep by capitalist ticks, there to be bloodsucked…how it re-empowers the artist/creative, how it creates global goodwill…

tears in her eyes, tears in my eyes…

and just because this is my blog, my favourite afp video again šŸ˜‰ which also happens to be the first track I ever heard, lucky me!


new year, new ideas


Cut up old calendars to make shadow flowers/stencils…mmm…shadows, silhouettes….what if I:


Paint old net curtains with acrylic and make patterns


-cut into quarters

-use my handmade paper stash as backings and stitch onto card (like vintage beginners wool embroidery for little girls) to anchor

-mix and match


As I played, I decided to make some journal pages too, the acrylic paint makes the shrine shape net (a very heavy net from a jumble sale) very stiff…and then I thought, mmm, I’ve been meaning to make some more embellished buttons (marbling with nail varnish, quick but smelly..) and when I do that, I could add some varnish to the curtains too… and the papers I used as backing and drying sheets have beautiful bits of pattern on here and there, I want to work into those with felt tip…

So much will follow from this blizzard of ideas…I’ve already done so much, that even taking loads of breaks, I fell asleep for 4 or 5 hours mid afternoon!



Where did the inspiration for all this come from?

I’ve been reading the archives of Elizabeth Bunsen’s Be/Dream/Play blog as part of my halcyon retreat, a month a day, oh what a feast!

– she is SSSSSSSOOOOO inspiring! A queen of art journalling and respectful interventions in the woods of the Champlain Valley, her disintegration pieces are beautiful…

I’ve made bundles for years, part of ritual/mindfulness work, and only recently recognised how it feeds into my installation and now film work…it is there in the paintings, but underground, as it were, and encouraged to stay out of sight because when applying for exhibitions at galleries, sounding hippy-dippy is NOT encouraged…instead it’s all bring on the artspeak, a horrible pompous jargon I (and to be fair, MOST artists resent) that came in with semiotics and Saussure. Maybe altermodernism can set us free to speak from the heart again?

Elizabeth Bunsen’s fluid, joyful use of what is at hand, her calendar of seasonally inspired art, and the recognition she gets for it (she is published regularly and sells her work and is a very popular workshop leader) encourages me to believe that one day, if I get well, I could have a portfolio self-sustaining lifestyle…be warned, she spreads dreams! A true queen of possibility! šŸ˜‰

May you all celebrate possibility and positivity and have a surge of energy in 2013!

favourite poem : agnes martin

she’s my favourite painter too, but the lovely cherry simone is still out of action so no embedded links yet…

I would rather think of humility than anything else.

Humility, the beautiful daughter

She cannot do either right or wrong

She does not do anything

All of her ways are empty

Infinitely light and delicate

She treads an even path

Sweet, smiling, uninterrupted, free

in agnes martin ‘writings/shriften’ edited by dieter schwartz ISBN 3-89322-326-6

up there with rilke’sĀ  ‘letters to a young poet’ on the importance of working, failing, working more…because it is the work that matters.