Singing Bird Artwork

Singing Bird Artwork is my fundraising shop on Etsy:

- if you have time to go look, and like anything, it all helps, as with over 4 million other listings for handmade jewellery, it might take a while to get noticed ;)  Even handmade mixed media journals has nearly 4,000 listings! Getting clicks will get the shop onto the noticed thread, so more people will see it…

I’m hoping to sell some leftovers from artwork to fund an exhibition next year. I got really inspired by seeing this clip of an amazing freeform crochet artist, Mandy Greer, in Canada:

She rocks! I really liked how she incorporated items from the museum’s storage into the installations :)

I have been working on some little fun pieces while I figure out how to finish Organic Process, and even designing some artwear – that’s been a while! So here is some eye candy – enjoy!





Nottingham Peace Fair 2014

Just to be clear, this is my very personal account, not an official record ;)

stall: local slow foods, yum!


DSC_0028DSC_0026DSC_0030DSC_0036   DSC_0041  Nottingham Peace Fair 2014 was one of 30+ events for Nottingham’s Week for Peace. At a planning meeting back in November/December 13, Quakers hosted an interfaith and community based meeting, with maybe 60 people attending, out of hundreds invited – sadly one group were missed, the Ukrainians, who would have loved to have been part of it, I found out 2 days before the Fair, boo! A lesson in treble checking, we have some 90+ communities within Nottingham, many with community centres and organisations, so keeping all the email contacts up-to-date is not the easiest task… Anyway, Lynne Richardson, who became the anchor of the Week for Peace, herding cats with humour and grace, mentioned she wished we could have an event like the Green Fair, a huge festival that fills the Arboretum Park…but she knew we didn’t have the money for it as the Council weren’t interested in supporting anything other than publicity via their newsletter. (mutter mutter £14,000 flyover by the Red Arrows for United Forces Day mutter mutter)


Having been at various markets/ events held at Sneinton Market, I thought we could put on a little sister version, smaller, but still valuable, and being the relentless optimist that I am, I took on most of the organising, getting support from friends outside the committee, as they were plenty stretched already :)

After a few mishaps – l did not expect to be in a major flare for the last two MONTHS of organising, and due to damaging myself with the trip to London to hang installations for Loudest Whispers I was already behind with my art work for Week for Peace – it all came together really well on the day, even the sun shone for the middle bit :)

We had 20 stalls, ranging from inner peace (a Reiki healer), domestic and community peace (POW, Women’s Aid Pet Refuge Project, Unite/unemployed, Veggies, Animal Rights, Arimathea) politics with heart and compassion (Green Party and Left Unity) to local and international campaigns (Quaker Peace in Action, Palestinian Solidarity, WDM, CND, Amnesty, Greenpeace, Frack Free Notts) and then some fundraising and crafter’s stalls, plants and a slow food stall and then my stall had the tombola for Refuges for Pets (fosters pets for women and children at Women’s Aid refuges) which raised £28 and a possible foster carer. I also had plenty of takers for my vegan cookies, baked goods and crafts for Action Village India, thanks to selling a machine embroidered journal that raised £50, which is a big help to a micro charity. Not sure if it’s selfish, but I really like to feel that I’ve made a difference… with the amount of spoons all this took, I needed to feel it was worth it. There’s been a discussion on some PTSD pages on Facebook about what helps, and I’m very sure being able to make a positive contribution helps me…Having goals and feedback is really helpful for rebuilding self esteem and lifting thoughts out of the trauma tracks. It has to be carefully balanced though, and I’ve really missed doing the Action Village India stalls since I got fibromyalgia. David was a great help with preparing stuff and my lovely homehelp was a star about fitting in extra washing up when I’ve had bake-and -freeze sessions! Seeing 12 bags of cookies and 6 packs of flapjack and some fruit rolls fly off the stall was very uplifting. I enjoyed performing new poems too, though I wish I’d managed some time to rehearse just before, but I was wearing too many hats for that…





We had two sets of performers, Mouthy Poets and Gary Morgan at beginning and end with Single Bass, El Dia, Tonya and Faye,  Sam Hope and me again in the middle… very enjoyable. There is a film clip coming which has some of the performers on, so I will post that another time. I was amazed to find out later from Tonya that she and Faye haven’t been playing long, their cover of a Pink song was David, my helpful neighbour’s favourite, while I preferred their Indigo Girls number ;)


Everyone had a good time, I think,  including the Sneinton Market Officers, Wendy and Brian, who were so supportive and I hope enjoyed their thank you goodies! There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and I got a lot of thank yous, which was very pleasing because by the time I got home I could barely move ;)








Maresa of Mouthy Poets preparing her interpreter to perform her work, her poem about de-cluttering the recycling was one of my favourite moments, best was probably Single Bass playing this song, Heavy Woman, which has been a favourite since before we became friends:

Peace (the 100th heart) film

Keith Turner has made a lovely film of the installation, with his video and recording of me performing the poem at Nottingham Peace Fair 2014. l wish l’d fitted in some more rehearsing, you can hear me relax about 10 lines in – that’s a Suffolk accent that starts to come out ;)

Thanks again for all your support, Keith!

Peace: The Hundredth Heart


I have been working intensively on my fibre art  installation for Peace Week in Nottingham…due to illness and a hold up with the wooden plaques, I’ve been having to work faster than I like/is good for me. [wow, I'm getting the hang of pacing, I actually expressed that right first time round, previously I would enjoy working this fast, however tiring, that's progress!]


One side effect this has had is on being able to name it, the name finally became clear on Tuesday, and it has been installed today – Saturday…oh my!Still, better late than never. It has been ‘the peace thing’, Peace Has Wings, and now Peace, the Hundredth Heart.

I have copied ‘peace’ in 99 languages, including many different scripts/alphabets… it condenses down to 87 plaques due to some languages sharing the same word. I thought, shall I look up a one hundredth? and then it came to me, what we need is not all these words, spoken or thought or prayed, valuable as all those are, but a feeling in the heart that can be shared across nations and cultures and scripts and alphabets…we need to ALL have the hundredth heart, where peace is felt and breathed and lived and held dear, not a cerebral thing, to be discussed and negotiated, good as those things are, but felt, beyond words…and art is non verbal communication, intuitive philosophy, so how better to say this?



The Hundredth Heart

I have written peace 99 times

to 99 people all around the world – or who live next door ;)

sometimes in scripts I had to draw,

tongue sticking out with concentration,

ink dancing in flamboyant swirls,

and I ask you to meet me here,

you, the 100th heart

who needs no word, who knows how to

live, love, dance, cook, teach, nurse, grow peace

reach peace, share peace, laugh and sing and draw and paint and sculpt


from the very sticky clay

that is our messy world

I ask you to meet me here,

you, the 100th heart

who needs no words, who knows

how to lay down difference and to work together

to not need to be right and to not need every last thing spelt out

but to start in

here and now

in the moment of power

in the moment of change

where we are all human

and can use the silver bridge of understanding

that being human on a blue and green planet gives us,

now we see how grey and brown and dry and dead

we are making it…

I ask you to meet me here,

you, the 100th heart

who needs no words, who is

finding a place in the middle

where we can agree not to poison the river,

not to strip the hills till they fall into the sea,

not to spray the fields till they are silent and poisoned,

not to mine and frack the earth up, till it swallows itself

and takes us with it

You, the hundredth heart that knows we can all stand on that silver bridge,

that without us, the words will be there, but empty

peace needs the hundredth hearts

to live, love, dance, cook, teach, nurse, grow peace

reach peace, share peace, laugh and sing and draw and paint and sculpt


from the very sticky clay

that is our messy world

to grow peace in the sticky clay of our hearts, where we

get hooked in to petty troubles and wanting the things pushed on us by

a greed making world of money and politics

that has forgotten the

blue and green planet

the stars in the night sky

the silver bridge

we need the hundredth hearts who reach out

and with their smile

make us know

how simple peace can be

where it starts

without words

the hundredth hearts



And so the last string of plaques have little heart shaped mirrors…

The installation went really well, I had support from Sam and tree climbing from Tom, who knows Jen and Bob, my usual tree monkeys… Three hours of quiet and therapeutic play really!

I will try and get better pictures tomorrow, my hands were a bit shaky by the end…and I need to look up fig trees in myth, Sea Change is hung on the biggest fig tree I’ve ever seen!



















organic process

I have been trapped in a super low energy, super painful fibromyalgia flare, hanging on to my moods by my fingertips some days, and with white knuckles on others…Luckily, as the trigger episode fades, my energy is gradually trickling back, and I am beginning to be able to make again, and the piece I was calling Muse/d is now nearly finished. I’ve changed the name to Organic Process, because really, process is my muse…

Layering and clawing back for a raking light; layering and moulding shape and shadow by weighting with embellishments… I make painting and fibre art the same way, with attention to tiny details almost lost in a sea of colours and textures, with similar issues for resolution, finding the moment when the whole is in balance as the sum of its parts… I’m not there yet with this piece, but nearly, nearly…One problem is that the piece is nearly 2 metres tall so simply taking it all in at one glance is almost impossible – which is part of my message to the world! Everything deserves a second glance, a few moments of attention, an exploration before judgments are made…


These photos were taken by Keith Turner, and edited by me






























These are all mine, and need to be taken again using a tripod really, but they give some idea ;)


































rewarding gardening

DSC_0073 Solstice garlic is one of my favourite traditions – sow the cloves on the winter solstice, harvest the heads on the summer solstice. Biodynamic gardening suggests this to have a harvest of extra-potent garlic to boost your immune system. A sceptic friend was brought to tears when he cheerfully popped a clove in raw. Being used to chewing shop-bought garlic every day, he thought there would be no difference…mwhahaha! His eyes streamed for at least 1o minutes! I gave him half a dozen bulbs and advised him to use them in cooking (!) and after a month he said he could really feel a difference, as well as taste it. Organic crops may look bumpy and irregular, but their potency is not to be doubted!




Scrummy tea today – homemade super seedy bread, egg mayonnaise, homegrown lettuce and fresh from the pod peas! I’d treated myself to nearly a kilo of cherries at Lidl yesterday – to share, of course…not my fault people haven’t all come for their visits so they need to be eaten before they turn ;) I recently realised how much I enjoy food I can eat almost as picked, and peas and cherries in one meal was just right.



The garden is thriving, and most days David, Ben or I pop out for some celery ( I cut and come again for a month, then wrap a loo roll inner around to blanch the heads), a lettuce, peas or herbs…and the potatoes are flowering and the first courgette is as big as my little finger! Good crops from the potatoes I hope, they self set from some organic ones that got lost in the shuffle and started to sprout – I was cross at the time, but am all smiles now ;) There are some randoms from the compost too, pinky/lilac  flowers, so they just might be pink fir apples…one row of cabbages is doing well, the others were planted as sacrificials to keep the slugs(grrr) off my peas and are very sad lacey skeletons…I’ve discovered it’s worth leaving them though, as they will come back later, when the others are long gone into cabbage with herby yoghurt dressing…





May to July – so much growth!




and lots of lovely flowers, and lots of juicy pods -

and the other bed is even lusher!











a breath of sea air 2

I had such a lovely holiday in May, being by the sea blew the cobwebs away and gave me so much food for thought/ art/ making… It’s a long time since I’ve been on a proper holiday, finding the spoons is hard, and much as I felt nourished and inspired, I can’t help noticing it’s over 6 weeks since I posted!


I had a lot of catching up to do in the garden (separate post!) and there have been a few dramas for me to remind myself that my new favourite mantra is ‘Not my circus, Not my monkeys!’ and then a couple where they were my monkeys – a scan (all clear) and activism chores….but now I feel the new idea inspired by the yarn I bought in Bath















and the expanded space I feel when I am by the sea:





are blossoming into a new piece…to be called Mused, as it is about inspiration, and keeping to the process, while pacing

I have been working away on various elements of it, and gathering materials from my *ahem* extensive stash ;) but the momentum has been growing the last few days and now I am at the happy embellishing stage:
































- helped by visits from friends who don’t mind me crafting as we talk…








as long as there is homemade cake ;)



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