things to know about me:

i follow daoism and try to centre myself within these interesting times by skywatching, making, paying attention, enjoying my garden and laughing out loud in delight

i apply creativity and expanding possibility to my whole life, not just art and craft

i believe a positive attitude and doing the work makes it better, and if life is too hard, then do the washing up, the rest will follow

my politics are shaped by my experiences as a survivor of abuse, violence, medical malpractice, being partners with a survivor of the mental health system and empathy with survivors of medical torture

my life is shaped by living with fibromyalgia, PTSD and agoraphobia

i am happiest when making/teaching techniques/sharing craft stash/cooking for friends/dangling strings for my cat/helping peeps feel safer in the world to be more creative and positive/making babies laugh

i really shouldn’t buy any more art and craft materials! but i probably will 😉